Telemotive Xtended Reality

Digital Augmentation Designed For An Intuitive And Fast Workflow.

Telemotive Xtended Reality (TXR) complements augmentation and digitalization of all manufacturing processes. Manufacturing employees, assembly line workers and quality managers gain from capturing data swiftly and precise and all data are accessible at any time. TXR can be integrated and adapted onto any existing manufacturing or IT-infrastructure, software solutions and workflow processes.

Complete augmentation and digitalization of all automotive manufacturing processes.

Imagine the latest extended Reality (XR) technology supporting your teams responsible for production and quality control. Imagine reading measurements directly from the tools with computer vision and voice recognition – hands-free and paperless. Give your teams freedom from distractions: no more hassle with paper lists, less mistakes from reading or transferring values, and all the data always available everywhere. With intuitive step-by-step guides workers do not need to worry about missing process steps and can focus on data quality instead.

All that is possible without a need for a complete retooling of the shop floor. With many options for data collection, our solution is compatible with the existing and proven tools in your factory. This keeps costs down and the interference with established processes at a minimum. Besides real-time analytics and display of results, possible use cases range from providing training and learning content over instructions to location-based services.

Our vision

We made it our goal to completely digitalize and augment all manufacturing processes of the Industry 4.0. With Telemotive Xtended Reality we offer a software solution that makes this goal reality. Through our expertise and our strong partner network we will be able to digitalize 500 production sites in Europe alone.

Challenges facing the automotive industry

Graphic that shows the circle that occurs through production inefficiencies

Your advantages

  • Wide range of options for data collection
  • Intuitive handling through XR device
  • Step-by-step guidance through the process
  • Cost reducing in the implementation phase
  • No big IoT hardware investments
  • Module based out-of-the-box solution

TXR technologies

Extended reality and TXRs features with icons

TXRs versatile use cases

CLEPA Innovations Award

CLEPA represents over 3000 European car manufacturers, which employ over 5 million people. Each year, these manufacturers spend more than 20 billion Euros on research & innovation and shape a safe, smart and sustainable future with their products. The CLEPA Innovation Award is presented each year for special innovations of European automotive suppliers. The award is presented in four categories (Environment, Safety, Connectivity & Automation and Cooperation). Last year, Magna was able assert itself against strong European competition in the category Cooperation and secured 3rd place with Telemotive Xtended Reality.