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HMI development and validation made easy by Magna Telemotive and Kanzi®

Future mobility trends are changing the way we interact with vehicles. While increasing assistance and automation may change the roles of drivers and passengers over time, more and more features in cars require easy and well-structured operation to minimize distraction. What's more – now ubiquitous smartphones and tablets have shaped the habits of customers towards user experience and quick update...


How TTA saves you time and money

Telemotive Test Automation (TTA) is our framework for the automation of all kinds of software and ECU tests. As more and more industries are switching from manual to automated testing, our goal is to provide an automation tool that truly supports you and your team across a wide range of projects. The less time you need to spend on your test infrastructure, the more you can focus on essential tasks...


Generate test cases for TTA the easy way: Keyword Matching & Mapping

You don’t have a lot of time and resources to create your own test cases? No problem – we’ll help you. With our new feature “Keyword Matching and Mapping” we code test cases exactly to your specifications, with a minimum of effort on your side.