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Application process

Easy and straightforward.

Applying for a job at Telemotive is extremely easy and straightforward, and that's important to us. On this page you'll find answers to a number of frequently asked questions about our application process.

What application documents do I need to submit?

To get an accurate impression of you, we need you to submit a full application. This should include the following:

  • A comprehensive cover letter including your possible start date, your preferred location (Stuttgart, Munich, Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg or Mühlhausen area), your salary expectation, and where you heard about the position (e.g. job fair, job portal or print media)
  • Resume in table format
  • Relevant references
What if I'm interested in more than one job opening?

If you're interested in a number of vacancies, simply include them all in the subject line of your letter. You don't need to submit separate applications for each job posting.

Can I submit a speculative application?

Even though the position you're interested in may not be vacant at the moment, you're welcome to send us a speculative application at any time. You never know, a suitable position might open up in the near future!

How often are job openings updated? Is a specific job vacancy still open?

Most of the job openings on our homepage and in other portals do not have concrete application deadlines. That means that our postings are always up-to-date. Positions that have to be filled as a matter of urgency are shown in the column "Hot Jobs".

How does the application process usually go?

Once we've received your application documents, we'll let you know they have arrived. It will then take us one to two weeks to get an overview of suitable positions and let you know what's happening.

If your skills profile matches our requirements, we'll invite you to one of our locations for a personal interview. This will give us an opportunity to find out more about your personal background, get an insight into your professional qualifications, and, of course, answer any questions you might have. During the interview we'll also tell you what happens next in the application process. Please remember to check your e-mail regularly, since that's usually how we get in touch.

Will I receive travel expenses for attending an interview?

Yes, we will reimburse you for any travel costs. You will find full details in the invitation.

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