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"There have only been exciting challenges."

Carina Rieger, Team Assistant in Mühlhausen.


We have asked Carina five questions about her time at Telemotive. Here are her answers:

1. How did you become aware of Telemotive?

When I was looking for an apprentice position, I found a vacancy at Telemotive on the Internet. 


2. What was your first position at Telemotive?

In 2006, I started my apprenticeship to become a management assistant in office communication, which I have successfully concluded. 


3. What is your current position at Telemotive?

I’m currently working in the human resources department. Here, my main tasks include the organization of educational courses and the internal tourist office. My colleagues and I take care of all internal and external educations and trainings for Telemotive employees. Moreover, I organize and book business trips both in Europe and intercontinentally. 


4. Which challenges and obstacles have you faced until now?

There are no obstacles, but there have only been exciting challenges, which had to be met. The beginning of my apprenticeship also meant the start of my professional career. After the apprenticeship, I obtained the license to train apprentices and continued my education in the field of human resources. During both my first apprenticeship and further educational trainings, Telemotive has been continuously supporting me.  


5. What three things spring to mind when you think about Telemotive?

Confidence, variety and further education.