For us it's a given.

Team spirit is something we live by, and responsibility is something we welcome. That starts with our sports teams and carries all the way through to supporting those who need our help. We have always taken care to ensure that we support organizations that spend the donations directly on those in need.

Mission statement

Herzogsägmühle charitable project.

Herzogsägmühle is a social institution of the Diakonie, the deacon services of the protestant church in Germany, located approx. 50 miles south west of Munich that offers disadvantaged people a place to live. We have been contributing an annual donation since 2012. We also regularly provide help on site, for example building a barefoot path or arranging for apprentices to spend a day helping with painting.


Förderkreis für tumor- und leukämiekranke Kinder Ulm e.V.

This society, which we have been supporting with an annual donation since our company was established, offers support for families of children with cancer. Its aim is to increase their joy and quality of life during this difficult part of their lives. Through our long-standing support we have forged valuable relationships.

Förderkreis für tumor- und leukämiekranke Kinder Ulm e.V.

Social projects by our apprentices.

It is important to us that our apprentices work on their social skills. For that reason, we ask the apprentices to organize and complete a social project each year. For example, this includes helping schoolchildren in Göppingen with their language development as part of a German Red Cross project and helping the food banks in Göppingen and Geislingen. Under the "Schulstart ohne Not" initiative, first-graders from needy families were supplied with schoolbags and school supplies which they could collect in the CARIsatt shop in Geislingen. Another project completed by the apprentices was offering their painting services to Herzogsägmühle, a social institution of the Diakonie in Munich.

Universities: our partners.

We share a passion for innovation with universities. Cooperating with them also enables us to identify talent far earlier than would otherwise be possible. We share with them our knowledge from practical application and development as well as our technical equipment. We also work with them on recruiting and university fairs.

Telemotive Kickers.

A success story since 2004: Telemotive has two soccer teams whose loyal supporters even include a few previous employees. Their greatest successes have been winning the friendly match against the Fraunhofer Institute and the Garchinger Stadtkicker as well as winning a place in the final round of the BMW Football Tournament.

Telemotive Bowling Team.

The Telemotive Bowling Team was established in 2012. Since then, the six-person team has taken part in the Company Cup at the Dream Bowl Palace in Unterföhring, competing against teams from BMW, MAN or Postbank München. Its biggest success came in 2014, when it advanced to the quarter finals. Since the team plays in a league, the six players – wearing their Telemotive shirts, of course – meet once a month throughout the year to bowl.

Telemotive Running Team.

The Telemotive Running Team was established in 2008 and has around 30 members. Equipped with Telemotive shirts, our committed runners take part in corporate running events like the B2RUN race in Munich or the corporate run in Wolfsburg. In 2013, the team came in third in the team classification over the 10 kilometer distance in the City2Run corporate challenge. The main focus is on colleagues interacting and having fun running.

Telemotive Volleyball Team.

Telemotive AG has been sponsoring Volleyball Hobby Team I of Studentenstadt München e.V since 2014. The Munich hobby volleyball league has over 100 teams playing and competing. The ten players meet twice a week, once to train and once to play. In summer, the majority of the team also take part in various beach volleyball tournaments. The pinnacle of the Telemotive team's sporting success to date has been reaching the qualifying tournament of the Upper Bavarian Championship in 2014. Other successes for the team include winning the Eder-Fritz Tournament in Bad Griesbach in 2013 and 2014 as well as competing in the final match of the Waldbadcup in Grafenwöhr in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Despite their ambitions, the most important thing for the team is their love of volleyball.