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Generate test cases for TTA the easy way: Keyword Matching & Mapping

You don’t have a lot of time and resources to create your own test cases? No problem – we’ll help you. With our new feature “Keyword Matching and Mapping” we code test cases exactly to your specifications, with a minimum of effort on your side.

If you have little time and resources to create your own test cases, we’ll be happy to help. Simply tell us what you want to test and we’ll generate the test cases for you.

Write up your test scenarios in the Gherkin format, a simple, human-readable structure for scenarios that follows a “given, when and then” pattern. Then we create a keyword map in TTA, translating your Gherkin sentences into ready-to-use TTA test cases.

Even more, once we have all your keywords in the database, we can generate further test cases fully automatically from your descriptions. Test automation has never been so cost-efficient.