Interview: Simon Windecker, marketing intern at Telemotive

Simon Windecker is a student at the University of Mannheim and is currently completing a nearly five-month internship in Telemotive's marketing department in Munich. In our interview, he explains what led him here, the impressions he has gathered of the company and why he likes working at Telemotive so much.


Fun and personal responsibility


Simon Windecker is a student at the University of Mannheim and is currently completing a nearly five-month internship in Marketing at the Telemotive office in Munich. In an interview, he explains what led him here, the impressions he has gathered of the company and why he likes working at Telemotive so much.


What led you from the university library in Mannheim to Munich? The love for the automobile?

That was certainly a big factor, yes. I find the automotive sector extremely exciting. Especially now, when former future topics such as electric mobility and autonomous driving are becoming a reality. And those are the very topics that Telemotive deals with on a daily basis.
However, I was also looking for a fun place to work. My brother has been working at Telemotive for more than three years and long ago convinced me about the company’s excellent working environment. What’s more, Munich is simply an amazingly cool location and a great place to work! To be honest, the beer still simply tastes the best in the ‘Free State’!


And do you regret your decision?

Not for a second! In just the first eight weeks of my internship, I feel like I’ve learned a huge amount and am truly a full member of the team. I’ve already gathered a whole bunch of practical experiences that could never be taught at uni. And at the same time, I also feel that some of what I learned in my classes can actually be used in practice, such as evaluating various product offerings with the aid of the cost per thousand price. I’m really happy to be able to do my internship at Telemotive and would make the same choice all over again!


Tell us more about your work. What do you do here every day?

I was amazed by how much personal responsibility I was allowed to take right from the start. I’m responsible for the execution of a number of sub-projects. While being fully integrated into the team. The Marketing department is currently really small, but that increases the range of tasks enormously. From employer branding and online marketing to communication and product marketing - we do everything here. Before I started at Telemotive, I was worried that I only had tedious Excel tables and boring Internet research to look forward to. But that isn’t the case at all! I attend almost every meeting in the company, go on visits to service providers, and my tasks range from social media marketing over newsletter management through to the planning and administration of advertising.
For example, in recent weeks, we have launched the new “Software development” section on our website. I was responsible for inserting the individual pages and integrating them into the existing website. What’s more, I’m also personally responsible for designing the new annual Telemotive calendar.


Are you happy with the support you get at Telemotive?

At Telemotive, I really feel that I can put my own ideas forward. Even as an intern! Thanks to the very personal level of support, I always quickly get answers to the questions I ask at work and never feel like I’m left to my own devices. Team spirit and cohesion are really important here.


Which three adjectives would you associate the most with Telemotive?

Visionary, flexible and family-like.


Why these three, exactly?

Well, visionary is an easy one. Almost every day here I deal with issues that make me think “Wow, we do all that?” or “The future is definitely much closer than I thought!”. For example, the company’s advance development department is working in the area of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with HTC Vive and Microsoft’s HoloLens on new and innovative possibilities in the field of automotive development. Telemotive is also a member of 5G Lab at the University of Technology in Dresden and thus takes part in the further development of the revolutionary network standard.
Flexible, because Telemotive has kept some of its start-up feeling - even though the company is now 17 years old and medium-sized. Flat hierarchies, open communication and flexible working times - that’s what you find here.
And family-like because it feels like home pretty much right away. You’re integrated into the community from the start and rarely left on your own. 


What makes Telemotive special for you?

I really like the working atmosphere. For maximum productivity we have super-modern workstations and a fully automatic coffee machine on every floor. A personal highlight for me are the flexible working times. I am more of a morning person, so I can simply come to work a bit earlier and go home a bit earlier in the evening. At the same time, I can also offset longer lunch breaks by staying on a bit later in the evening if I have to finish something off. However, my colleagues are the main reason I’m enjoying my internship here so much. They’re all super nice and we’re all on first name terms.


And what have you got coming up next?

For now, I’m looking forward to three more exciting months at Telemotive. Then it’s back to Mannheim to finish my Bachelor’s degree. After that, I’d like to do a Master’s in Technical Business Administration, preferably in Munich. And then I wouldn’t be too far away from Telemotive...  


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