Systems integration

When products are created.


We see systems integration as a superordinate activity that covers most of the V-model and lays the groundwork for the test phase. Its purpose is to combine individual components into an overall system in such a way that they work together. The concrete tasks vary depending on the project.

A system can be:

  • a hardware or software component consisting of several modules
  • a control unit based on components matched to each other
  • a network of control units for separate subsystems
  • a complete car with control units or subsystems compatible with each other

Our key to success is a comprehensive understanding of overall systems that goes far beyond the individual components. This is the result of MAGNA Telemotive's longstanding partnerships with OEMs and suppliers. As the customer, you benefit from our broad base in the automotive industry and our wealth of experience.

Examples of our services:


Integrated commissioning of components in the network. Networks consist of software and hardware components as well as bus systems and control units.

Validation of intermediate steps. We make sure at each step that the components work together and behave as specified at the interfaces.

Validation of the test results. We validate the test results of individual components against each other and consolidate the results.

Fault finding. In the event of deviations, we review whether further tests are required at component level and identify the fault source, e.g. via car diagnostics.

Test preparation. We prepare the system for tests – for example we install control unit networks in test racks and make interfaces available. To assist with system testing, we prepare testing stations, train the testers in how to use the systems, and build the test infrastructure.


Our test house is available for validation.


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