Technology consulting

A professional opinion!


New and complex technologies require in-depth technical and industry know-how. We supply the ideas, evaluations, and recommendations you need for your research, preliminary development, and development. With our in-depth experience with OEMs and suppliers and wide-ranging competencies in future technologies, you can rely on our opinion.


For example, we can consult with you on:

The value of an outside perspective.

A neutral third party is worth their weight in gold when it comes to complex issues. Acquire any specialized knowledge you do not have in-house quickly and easily, and get outside help to drive forward innovations. And if you need to make a particularly difficult decision, a second expert opinion can provide assurance.


Our comprehensive range of services:

  • Technical and economic evaluation of new technologies
  • Innovation consulting
  • Support during decision making
  • Preparation of implementation concepts
  • Preparation of simulations and prototypes
  • Monitoring of your development process
  • Elaboration of a validation strategy