Data loggers and software tools

BLUEPIRAT: Data loggers for your vehicle data

Magna Automotive data loggers are highly integrated recording devices that record and store the communication between electronic control units (ECUs) during a test drive.

The number of control units installed increases in line with the technical complexity of the vehicles. To ensure that all systems function seamlessly, they have to be validated. BLUEPIRAT data loggers help to track down errors and eliminate their causes. They find their main application in vehicle development and approval and are also a valuable aid in customer support.

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TTA – Telemotive Test Automation.

On the fast lane to quality.

TTA is an open and user-friendly software framework for the validation of ECUs. Since the tool is based on Python, you can flexibly and quickly create test cases – automation made easy!

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Graphic displaying MAGNA Telemotive's competencies in the field of Testhouse

TET – Telemotive Ethernet Testhouse.

Independent validation.

Telemotive Ethernet Testhouse is an independent instance and certifies your ECUs according to all ISO/OSI-specifications. Thanks to our all-in-one solution, We validate Ethernet interfaces and relevant protocol layers of ECUs for you.

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