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BroadR-Reach, CAN-FD, Automotive Ethernet.

Our data loggers and software tools: fit for current requirements.

The hardware includes data loggers, electronics for laboratory set-ups, and test tools for the complete car. We custom design prototypes for your company. The software includes individually configurable applications to simplify testing and documentation. These applications complement the hardware products and can be individually tailored to them.

Use our product configurator to find your fitting test rig quickly and easily. Here you can also choose interfaces like BroadR-Reach, CAN-FD or Automotive Ethernet. Our sales team will be happy to answer your questions.


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Product configurator

blue PiraT Remote.

From two into one: data logger and remote control all at once.

The new blue PiraT Remote lets you record data with no fuss during the test drive and read it out at the same time. It combines the characteristics of a data logger and a remote control. This means that you do not need a separate data logger to record data. This makes for faster connection, and does away with the need for laborious cabling.

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blue PiraT Mini.

Small on size, big on functions.

The smallest data logger in the world with an outstanding functional scope. It offers a wide range of interfaces, stable temperature behavior, very low energy consumption, four GBit Ethernet ports, and much more. The blue PiraT Mini can be flexibly expanded using Telemotive System Link.

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blue PiraT2.

Many requirements. One solution.

The blue PiraT2 is our top-class all-in-one data logger. Seven models cover a wide range of interfaces. Additionally, the blue PiraT2 5E offers improved power management and power backup, five integrated Ethernet ports and super-fast start-up behavior. The blue PiraT2 can be flexibly expanded via Telemotive System Link.

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Remote Control Touch.

Your window into the logger network.

Operate your blue PiraT Mini or blue PiraT2 data loggers from the driver’s or passenger seat – safely and comfortably. Via Telemotive System Link our new remote control becomes part of your logger network. One remote control can operate all connected loggers.

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Telemotive System Client.

One user interface for all Telemotive data loggers.

Update, configure and read out your data loggers with Telemotive System Client. Save time with central administration of your software products. Telemotive System Client is your key to success for using all Telemotive products.

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Telemotive Live View.

Live tracking of test data.

Visualize test data from your Telemotive data loggers with graphic representations that are comprehensible at first glance. Telemotive Live View is compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, regardless of the operating system. Choose between several display types, such as speedometer or stack and line diagrams.

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Telemotive System Link.

Input: many loggers. Output: one file.

Telemotive System Link is infinitely convenient, flexible, and guaranteed future-proof. The recording and analysis of vehicle data is becoming increasingly complex and demanding: different loggers and interfaces are required, depending on the test environment. Use Telemotive System Link to assemble a perfectly fitting overall system yourself: always new – flexible, simple, and long-term reliable.

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Telemotive Download Terminal.

Collect, sort and distribute test data.

Record all the required data during the test drive using the proven blue PiraT data loggers. Telemotive Download Terminal reads out this data for you and structures it according to your specifications. Telemotive Download Terminal saves the trace data automatically via the intranet to your servers and synchronizes it. Additionally, Telemotive Download Terminal offers various other functions, such as automatic trace data conversion into various formats, firmware updates, status reports, etc.

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First-class product support.

Available round the clock.

With our products, we also deliver comprehensive support. Detailed manuals make using our data loggers easier. Software and firmware updates guarantee that functions are always up-to-date. Our telephone support is available to you from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET (Monday through Thursday), and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. CET (Friday). Our support can be reached round the clock by e-mail or with our ticket system.

Product support

Updates, documentations concerning fee-based licenses, and our repair service are available in the service center (log-in required). There you also find documentations and updates for legacy products, such as blue PiraT, blue AdmiraL or SimBox. If you don't have an account yet, please send an e-mail to TMO.Produktsupport(at) and we'll be happy to create one for you. 

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