blue PiraT2

Many requirements. One solution.


The blue PiraT2 - data logger for a broad variety of requirements. Four different models. Wide range of interfaces.

Key features:

  • User-oriented and developed in close cooperation with our customers
  • Flexible, future-proof expandability via Telemotive System Link
  • MOST150 streaming channel recording (sync + iso)
  • Version for MOST150 cPhy available: MOST bus via electrical instead of optical lines
  • Improved client software: convenient use, configuration, data download and data processing
  • Display with intuitive control knob (push/rotary) for easy navigation through the menus
  • Graphic representation of test signals via Telemotive Live View
  • Real-time display of test data in the OnlineMonitor feature of Telemotive System Client
  • Future-oriented concept
  • Compact size, easy to install in the vehicle
  • Super-fast start-up and recording of Ethernet RAW data
  • Five built-in RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Extended power management with power backup
  • Wake-up via RS232 and improved overall wake-up concept


Overview of interfaces:

Interfaces/Models blue PiraT2 150M5E14C blue PiraT2 150M5E14C cPhy blue PiraT2 25M5E24C blue PiraT2 14C5E6S
MOST MOST150 MOST150 cPhy Duplex MOST25 -
CAN-HS 12 12 22 12
CAN-LS 2 2 2 2
ECL (Electronic Control Line) 1 1 - -
Serial RS232 6 6 6 6
LIN 8 8 8 8
FlexRay 2 (a/b) 2 (a/b) 2 (a/b) -
Ethernet Logging (100MBit/s IF) - - - -
Ethernet Logging/Network (1GBit/s IF) 5 5 5 5
Analog-IN 10 10 10 2
Digital-IN 5 5 5 1
Digital-Out 3 3 3 1

Flexible and expandable.

Telemotive System Link.

Build your measuring system from modules or expand your existing system quickly, easily, and flexibly. Telemotive System Link consolidates the blue PiraT data loggers in one network so they can be operated as a single device.

Since newer blue PiraT products are compatible with each other, Telemotive System Link is future-proof and can also be retrofitted with new interfaces or additional devices.

Telemotive Remote Control Touch mounted on the windshield of a car.

Your window into the logger network.

Remote Control Touch.

Thanks to the 5-inch touchscreen, Remote Control Touch connects easy and smartphone-like operation with automotive data logging. Via Telemotive System Link the remote control also becomes part of your logger network. Monitoring the connected loggers and setting triggers is thus easier than ever before, while the data loggers can be placed anywhere in the car.

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Test data in view – at all times.

Telemotive Live View.

Telemotive Live View shows you selected CAN data from a blue PiraT2 data logger live in the browser of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. That means you can get an overview of your measurement variables at a glance during the test drive. You can also set triggers and markers and take advantage of a bus load display for CAN, MOST, LIN, FlexRay, and serial.

Real-time evaluation.

The OnlineMonitor function of the client application displays messages from selected interfaces in real time on your screen.

Technical specifications:

blue PiraT2
Voltage range 6,5 - 32 V, start-up from 8.5 V
Current consumption 1.8 A (@ 13.8 V) in operation, < 4 mA in standby mode
Start-up time < 25 ms / < 100 ms depending on the interface
Temperature range -30°C - +60°C (HDD), -40°C - +60°C (SSD)
Timestamp resolution 1 µs (MOST, CAN, LIN, FlexRay), 1 ms (serial), 100 ms (Ethernet)
Wake-up via Bus activity (MOST, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Digital, KL15, serial), Trigger button
Memory 320 GB HDD (SSD optional)
Dimensions 190 x 60 x 275 mm / 7,5'' x 2,4'' x 10,8'' (W x H x D)

Accessories and licenses: