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Telemotive Ethernet Testhouse

Independent validation.

Develop and test your products with us! We certify your Ethernet-capable ECUs across all ISO/OSI layers as an independent test laboratory.

The Telemotive Ethernet Testhouse (TET) is our service for the independent validation of your control units. We offer proven in-house processes, tools, laboratories and test infrastructure, which we use as required. Our test house acts as a neutral instance; we serve OEMs and Tier1s alike. With each test execution, we provide a test report and a detailed error analysis upon request.

MAGNA Telemotive – the right partner                              

  • Long-term partnership with OEMs in ECU development
  • Well-established engineering supplier for ECU integration
  • Validation and testing of technical devices in the entire automotive industry
  • Black-box testing, white-box testing, component testing, customized testing based on your requirements and specifications
  • Substantial knowledge of development processes at OEMs & Tier1s

Telemotive Ethernet Testhouse: Our range of services

  • Neutral instance: Independent test laborator
  • All-in-one solution: Tests for all ISO/OSI layers 1–7
  • Active Open Alliance member: TC8 conformity
  • AUTOSAR conformance tests
  • OEM- / Tier1 specific tests

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Open Alliance TC8

The TC8 committee defines general test specifications for ECUs and Automotive Ethernet-based networks.

Scope of tests:

1. Automotive Ethernet

  • Layer 1: Physical Layer OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach (OABR)
  • Layer 2: Data Link Layer, e.g. IEEE Ethernet MAC + VLAN (802.1Q), ARP

2. TCP/IP Protocol Family

  • Layer 3: Network Layer, e.g. IP, ICMP
  • Layer 4: Transport Layer, e.g. UDP, TCP, DHCP

3. Automotive Protocols

  • Layers 5-6-7: Application oriented layers, e.g. UDP-NM, SOME/IP, SD



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