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Telemotive Test Automation is an open and user-friendly software framework for the fast and flexible creation of test cases.

In the automotive industry, test automation is increasingly becoming an indispensable element – due to the growing complexity of contemporary and future features. Most OEM- and supplier-specific test solutions require a complex set of different software and hardware tools. This leads to higher licensing costs, maintenance costs and a loss of synergy between projects. 

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Our solution: Telemotive Test Automation (TTA)

Telemotive Test Automation is a dedicated automation tool that enables flexible adaptation to any hardware or software. Based on Python®, the tool enables the developers to use open source packages and also to benefit from an elaborate reporting with clear visualization. Pre-assembled units, code examples and easy-to-apply test case implementation enable a straightforward learning process for new users as well as faster development cycles. We continuously improve Telemotive Test Automation at the pulse of the market and offer customized solutions for individual requirements.



Tool which is easy to handle - thanks to Python

Why TTA?

The future of testing

For more than 15 years, MAGNA Telemotive has been active in the area of test automation as a provider of engineering services. Telemotive Test Automation (TTA) is the software framework which combines all the knowledge, experience and lessons learned from working with several different test automation tools used by different Tier1s and OEMs in the automotive area. The purpose of TTA is to provide a comprehensive solution that makes test automation as easy and flexible as possible for its user.

Depending on the project, TTA can be adapted to other software frameworks, hardware, or residual bus simulations without high effort. But also, Telemotive Test Automation can be used to effectively and efficiently develop new test settings or concepts from the scratch. Innovative features and an intelligent structure make the framework a convincing concept for the future of testing.

Top features:

• CAN interface
• Ethernet interface
• Serial interface
• Image processing
• Relay control
• Android Debug Bridge (adb)
• Framegrabber interfaces
• And many more!

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