Live View

In sight and under control: live tracking of test data.

Your new glance at all test data.

Live View.

Why wait with the evaluation of the test until the test data is complete? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have access to all relevant data already during the drive – and to be able to present intelligently and clearly prepared data live? Live View is the solution: It shows selected bus data of a blue PiraT data logger in the smartphone, tablet or laptop browser. Its graphical representations are  comprehensible at first glance: Ideal even if important passengers such as executives or cooperation partners want to get a picture themselves.

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Three simple steps... use Live View:

  1. Configure Live View on the computer - set the desired signals (CAN, Flexray, LIN, Digital or Analog) for the display.
  2. Connect the smartphone/tablet/laptop with the blue PiraT data logger (via WiFi/RJ45).
  3. Open the browser, enter the IP address of the blue PiraT.

Key features:

  • Various options for the graphical representation of live measured values, such as speedometer or stacking/line diagrams
  • Flexible arrangement, automatically adjustable window sizes.
  • Convincing look and feel - regardless of the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • The most important information quickly and practically available.