Classic and adaptive.


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a global development partnership, consisting of automobile manufacturers, component suppliers and other companies. It establishes standards for the software architecture of the automotive industry - particularly when it concerns coping with the increasing electronic complexity. This helps boost security, performance and flexibility, simplify software and hardware updates, and reduce costs.

Given that MAGNA Telemotive has been a member of AUTOSAR since 2011, it knows precisely what is essential for projects in this field. Aside from customer projects implemented at the site of manufacturers and component suppliers, MAGNA Telemotive has also realized its own AUTOSAR projects, for example the Telemotive Intelligent Charging Package for electric vehicles.

Our competencies:

  • AUTOSAR classic and adaptive

  • Technology consulting / introduction / porting

  • AUTOSAR stack integration & customizing to the target hardware

  • Development of basic software modules and software components

  • Development of MCAL modules; adaptation to the target hardware

  • Multi-core applications for safety (ISO 26262) and performance (e. g. master-slave core and master, satellite concept)

  • Security (HSE, SHE)

Previous activities:

  • Autosar stack integration: Configuration of basic SW (CAN, Ethernet, DCM, DEM, MemoryStack, UDP-NM, CAN-SM, BSW Manager, COM-PDUR, CAN-TP, XCP, FR, RTE)

  • Implementation of SW-C (specification using ARTOP-Artext, development using VSA, EA) implementation of CDD (SOME-IP proxy, PLC stack, UART)

  • Implementation of MCAL (control of the system basis chip via SPI)

  • Unit testing with ARUNIT using Google Test,

  • integration onto the target HW (ARM STM-32, MPC 5646C, ARM Cortex A5, AD Sharc)

  • IDE integration of debuggers (e. g. Lauterbach, Nexus P&E)

  • ARTOP SDK, Eclipse plugin for processing ARXML files

  • Boot loader with UDS

Development of complex device drivers:

ISO 15118 stack for AUTOSAR.

  • Development according to our automotive Scrum methodology

  • High degree of quality and security thanks to complex Continuous Integration solution

  • Modular Autosar development High degree of adaptability to specific customer requirements

  • 100 % MISRA compliance, 100 % test & code coverage (branching)

Stack integration, consulting and customizing.

  • Configuration of AUTOSAR BSW and MCAL

  • Design and software of SWCs and CDD

  • Assisting the customer with the system and software architecture

  • Analysis of specification requirements

  • Providing advice to the customer for Ethernet and AUTOSAR technologies