Display systems & Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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In-vehicle display systems - particularly the instrument cluster - are increasingly becoming a service partner for the driver. Where mechanical and electronic displays, such as speedometers, odometers and indicator lights have been combined in the past, large-size LCD displays are now being used at growing rates. They are freely programmable using software, offering countless possibilities: for example, the individual adjustment of the display's visual representation to the driver's preferences and surroundings. For instance, if a driver controls the vehicle in a deliberately sportsmanlike or efficient manner, the display automatically adjusts to the driving style by emphasizing pertinent information. Furthermore, the driver assistance systems are programmed to be displayed in a compact and visually appealing fashion, enabling the driver to capture everything at a glance.

Aside from the instrument cluster, the head-up display is rapidly gaining importance as a source of information for the driver. With it, information is projected directly into the driver's visual field, such as speed limits or navigation tips, thereby enabling the driver to keep track of the traffic situation and contributing to greater safety in road traffic.

MAGNA Telemotive develops and improves such display systems. Since 2009, we have been assisting various OEMs and component suppliers with the software development of HMI components, whether at the customer's site or in our project offices. The service offering ranges from the adaptation of existing HMI frameworks to new hardware components, the porting of applications to run on motorcycle controllers to the autonomous handling of complete modular projects for OEMs including the creation of the graphics.

Our services:

Our references (selection):

We specialize in projects using Scrum (since 2016), Continuous Integration, and in developing our own simulation, code generation and automation tools.

HMI software development for OEM combined HMI instrument cluster & HUD:

  • Software development for combined HMI since 2009
  • Commissioned to create new developments using 2D HMI software since 2010
  • Commissioned to create new developments using 3D HMI software since 2012
  • Commissioned to create new developments using distributed rendering since 2015
  • Graphic actuation on the basis of different 2D/3D graphics engines
  • 3D graphics engines on the basis of OpenGL ES

Priorities and displacement logic (SEM):

  • HMI software development for suppliers of instrument clusters: HMI platform
  • Expansion of the HMI mid-performance platform for combiner HUD
  • Adaptation of the HMI high-performance platform for 2-wheeler projects
  • Graphic splitting optimized for HW/GPU/CPU/memory