Increasingly important for the automotive industry.


Nowadays, Linux is the most widely used operating system in computers: from desktop computers to server systems to embedded systems. Linux is also gaining increasing traction in the automotive industry. For instance, the GENIVI Alliance defines the Linux-based "in-vehicle infotainment software" as open source software. Linux is not only enjoying increasing importance when it comes to infotainment, but also in the vehicle as a whole. The AUTOSAR adaptive platform creates a standard that is based on POSIX-compliant operating systems - which also include Linux -, offering a real alternative to the conventional AUTOSAR, including for ASIL-relevant controllers.

Competent partner for Linux

MAGNA Telemotive is the perfect contact for answering any queries about Linux you may have. The following services are part of our core competencies:

Preempt real-time Linux:

  • Development of a real-time Linux system for the integration of embedded software


  • Development of customer-specific Linux distribution+

  • Development of project-specific Yocto recipes

  • Development of customer-specific BitBake classes


Chromium embedded framework & Wayland:

  • Migration of the chromium embedded framework to the Wayland display server



  • Development of POSIX-compliant software for Linux and Posix operating systems


Development of Linux kernel modules (Linux drivers):

  • character drivers

  • block drivers

  • etc.

Project references

Optimization of the Yocto build environment for a tier 1 company

  • Development and integration of own classes to expand a Yocto build environment in Python and Bash (UNIX shell)

  • Porting of existing projects to run on different Yocto versions

  • Analysis and optimization of the build-time of a Yocto project

Software integration platform based on preempt real-time Linux

  • Installation and set-up of the preempt real-time Linux patch into the Linux kernel to make Linux hard real-time enabled

  • Integration of different embedded software modules into the real-time Linux system and testing


Porting CEF from X11 to Wayland on Linux

  • Set-up of a distcc compiler environment for the distributed compilation and building of the CEF project

  • Implementation of the Ozone support into the chromium embedded framework

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